Silent Cries A Memoir

From author Brent Seheult comes a first-hand account of abuse during his turbulent childhood as a young queer. Brent was a typical boy who just wanted to be loved and accepted, but despite his every attempt to gain their approval, his parents made him constantly aware of their dislike of him. At school, Brent tried hard to hide his bruised and battered body from watchful eyes, but he also carried with him the guilt and shame of being molested by a close female relative. After his parents’ divorce, his mother commonly referred to him as “queer boy” while her boyfriends attempted use him for their own sexual pleasure. And when he refused, Brent would suffer their abuse even further. While suffering in and out of foster care, Brent was caught between a system that couldn’t protect him very well and two parents who didn’t seem to care. When Brent does eventually find love, his parents cannot accept that he’s attracted to other boys. Brent fought for acceptance his entire life, but did he ever receive it?