Don’t Give Into Fear: Hollywood Horror: Movie Stars, Machetes, and Satanic Blood Rituals

Hollywood’s a bitch. She’ll eat you alive.
Jack Cunningham, OTOH, prefers you carefully butchered, thoroughly de-boned, lightly seasoned, pan-fried or grilled, medium well-done, thank you very much.
People come to Tinseltown for many reasons―to act, write, make movies, make music. Some just come to die.
Jack learns the hard way it takes talent, luck and perseverance.
So he becomes an agent instead.
A killer agent.
And zeros in on one special client…actress Rayna Rourke.
Why wouldn’t she be interested? Jack’s young and handsome, with a love of glitz and glamour she’s willing to overlook for the sake of her career. He drags her up the food chain, literally, exploiting the flaws of LA’s entitled locals, creating his own rich cuisine from a cookbook of old movies, self-help baloney, imagination and failed dreams. The secret ingredient? It’s not love.
If you run into Jack, you might just survive, as long as you…