Mail Order Emma

Emma Wainwright didn’t believe in love.
Love was a matter of superfluous chemical reactions within the body that certain environmental influences exacerbated—or so her former scientist husband claimed. Until those outside influences, resulted in a chain reaction of unexpected and epic proportions, toppling her world. Now alone, penniless, and undeniably pregnant, the bookish bluestocking sets out to tackle her most fascinating experiment of all—dealing with her new husband, William.
William ‘Willie’ Thomas barely understood the language his new bride was speaking, as she stood before him, spouting out all these fancy words that were even mightier than her outstretched belly. He comprehended now what she’d meant in her letter, claiming she was ‘incubating’ and ‘expanding’—but why couldn’t she just spit out the truth? The new teacher in town, his bride, was extremely pregnant!
Can William’s prized brutish strength in the silver mines of Nevada even compare to the knowledge his wife kept spouting everywhere? Could two opposites come together despite their differences, finding a common ground between them? Will they be able to grow as a couple during the most obvious, impending, glorious changes coming soon within their lives