NEW AUTHOR!” from CLEVELAND OHIO, my book is based on my Grandmother and her two sisters whose dad was a well known preacher. 2 of the daughter’s were hot girl’s, frequenting all the high class party halls and bars, getting involved in robberies, murder, running numbers and more. 1945-1973 it’s a fictional book from stories told to me by the 3 daughters, it’s fictional because the stories they told I changed a little. Funny stories with ‘The Isley Brothers, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, plus more “THE JAZZ ERA” is what they called it and all kinds of musician’s came to Cleveland to perform at “LEO’S CASINO” on 105th and Euclid, before the riots whites and blacks partied together to the same music, all in their fur coats and pearls, very classy! And part 2 continues in 1975 California Inglewood. A family saga! I’m born in that book 1976 at Centinela Hospital.