Mikky dos Santos Art Thief Thrillers Volume 1 (books 1-3)


The first three Mikky dos Santos International Crime Thrillers are available in one incredible deal!

Follow Europe’s most cunning art thief, forger, and amateur sleuth as she tracks down priceless antiquities and foils nefarious plots, all while shocking the people she meets with her ruthless attitude and elaborately-inked body.

Photographer, artist and art forger Mikky dos Santos has had a tough life and now she’s about to steal the world’s most famous stolen painting – Vermeer’s The Concert – worth $200 million. When Mikky’s flatmate is commissioned to paint one of the world’s most famous divas her life begins to spiral into chaos. And, an evil investigative journalist and a dangerous businessman who are on the hunt to uncover Mikky’s darkest secrets threaten her detailed plans.
It’s a long game—one of “who do you trust”?

An old—but dangerous—friend tracks Mikky down and asks for her help in authenticating a beautiful and possibly priceless medieval prayer book, a Book of Hours. Suddenly, Mikky finds herself caught up in someone else’s web—a deadly game played out across three countries.

Mikky can’t wait to jump on a plane when she hears her dear friend Simon needs someone to fly to Greece to locate a priceless 900-year-old Torah scroll. She lands in Greece only to discover a constellation of nefarious characters who all seem to have their own ideas about the fate of the scroll. And then the lawyer representing the Torah’s donor abruptly disappears…

Fans of female sleuths from Kinsey Millhone right up to THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO will fall for Mikky. Also for aficionados of the YA series HEIST SOCIETY, and the sly Jennifer Crusie novels. And if Mikky could learn to trust her team, she’d fit right in with the crews of OCEAN’S 8 or GOOD GIRLS.