The Hockenfur Tangent

Leah and Jareth collide on a Manhattan street and land in a splattered heap of takeout food, pain and chagrin. When the first sarcastic quip about their circumstances slips through preoccupied lips, unique and agile banter results.
With Jareth unwilling to take ‘no’ for an answer and Leah unwilling to give it, they end up at a diner, each tangled in motivations and circumstances they are certain the other could not possibly understand. They make each other laugh, think and imagine, becoming addicted to and dependent on the atmosphere they create when they are together.
There might be fairy dust in the gyros.
Sensing kindred but not knowing why or how, they both become unwilling and unable to let go of newly-possible intimacy and potential understanding they convince themselves must be truth because they need it more than they need their solitary safety.