William Huxley finds himself at the center of a cutting-edge research expedition to Wuhan to find the origins of the quickly spreading COVID-19, now finding its way into the free world. Venturing into the remote caves, William finds himself confronting death and inexplicable events that see all his teammates soon perish under the rapid progression of a mutated form of the virus. His older sister, Elizabeth, suddenly goes missing after working with a team of researchers on a cure, and William suspects foul play. With a trail of gruesome and strange murders following him, William now goes on the run, pursuing clues left by his sister. He hopes to find her as the mutated virus swiftly engulfs the world, bringing its population to its knees. William’s journey takes him around the world and the far reaches of the Pacific to find secret societies, cults, and daemons all projecting a veil of darkness that impede his search for Elizabeth and the cure to the deadly plague now facing the planet. Can William help save the world?