Below The Strandline

Dark gripping debut crime novel
“Parr is adept at portraying his fictional world’s most unpleasant characters” – Kirkus Reviews
“An impressive debut that leaves the reader wanting more.” -Reedsy Review

In Parr’s debut thriller, a runaway seeks revenge in the grim and gritty London of the 1970s, where a wealthy secret society pulls the strings.

“Her chest fired up with pain at every gurgling intake of breath. She mustered a cry for help but managed just a whimper. She tried again and a hoarse scream was carried away in the wind. Then she heard the sound of the door opening …”

SURVIVAL – Jerry runs away from a chequered past to start a new life in the city. He wants to be in control of his own destiny, to live by his own rules and above all to protect the girl he is falling in love with. He finds himself homeless, at first sleeping rough on the streets until opportunity comes his way. Jerry’s actions lead readers to question how far they might go to survive, to better their futures, to right the wrongs inflicted on them and to protect those that they care about. Would they be prepared to deliver their own version of justice?

BETRAYAL – In a mansion house in London, former spymaster Sir Peter is lavishly entertaining the influential members of a powerful secret society that operates above the law. When someone threatens to expose the identity of this secretive club, they close ranks and seek to recover the list of names that has been hidden. When others fail spectacularly, Sir Peter instructs his devoted butler, an ex commando, to step in.

JUSTICE – Police investigate a suspicious fall after a woman is found fighting for her life. The case escalates to a murder hunt and the plot thickens as the search intensifies to find the killer. Female detective Janice Morgan plays a pivotal role in uncovering a brutal gang but fears for her safety mount when she goes missing. The chase is on to find the mystery ringleader and stop a major shipment of drugs from reaching Britain’s streets.

Dark themes challenge the moral compass. Readers will be rewarded with human stories and richly drawn characters in Tim Parr’s debut crime novel, Below The Strandline.