Abby: A Williams Sisters Romance (Saved by Love Book 2)

The barista from next door isn’t your typical boy-next-door – he’s a lean, gorgeous artist with tattooed knuckles and tousled hair that makes my heart race.


He is sweet, though, and kind of shy. Lucky for him, I don’t mind making the first move.


After all, I’ve been playing matchmaker for my stubborn sister and her oblivious best friend. 


Don’t I deserve a little no-strings fun?


Abby and Jake have begun a whirlwind romance, and she’s pleasantly surprised to find that he’s not just charming and caring – he’s also as insatiably passionate as she is.


But when unexpected complications arise, she’s forced to consider whether Jake’s really looking for love – or just a good time.


And in case things weren’t complicated enough, her fiercely protective older sister is back in town, looking to take charge.


Has Abby found the one she’s looking for? Or will she get her heart broken by a guy who’s too good to be true?


Book 2 of Saved By Love is a hot, steamy insta-love drama with a no-cliffhanger HEA, from International Bestseller Summer Rose.