Illuminating Nyx

Kade Downing – This ain’t my first rodeo, but I’ve never come up against someone like her.

I took the biggest gamble of my life when I entered the Paldimori Games months ago to win the grand prize money to put my sister through college and save my ranch. Because I’m not who I’ve been pretendin’ to be. If the enemies my mama warned me about—the descendants of the primordial gods—find out I’m a dead man. But I’ll do anythin’ to learn how to use my powers to protect my sister.

With two other contestants already claimed by the gods as Chosen, the leader of the House I’m pledged to represent in the Games—the cold yet beautiful Kyrion Gaia—is watchin’ me like a hawk. When my past catches up to me bringin’ tragedy in its wake, partnerin’ up with my Kyrion may be the only way to defeat an enemy who’s been watchin’ my every move.

Ariana Dupree – My rules are what I live by, but he might just make me break them all.

As Kyrion Gaia—leader of one of the six Paldimori Houses—I live by a strict set of rules that keep my voracious powers from killing those around me. At every turn, my control is being tested by the chaos Lia Davies unleashed and the Olympians who continue to attack our people.

I believe that the Games play a key role in solving the prophecy that could save our world from destruction but my champion, Kade Downing, is as frustrating as he is charming. I need him focused on winning, even if I have to train him myself. But his infectious smile threatens to thaw the icy fort I’ve built around myself to protect me from those who want to use me for their own agendas. When the web of deceit surrounding me tangles me up in its trap, Kade may be the only one who can help me escape.