Abby: A Williams Sisters Romance

Love Challenges, Family Drama, and Steamy Romance – The 2nd Installment Of The Saved By Love Book Series Has Got It All.

Discover a captivating story filled with passion, lust, and surprising twists.

Abby – When I first met the sexy tattooed barista from the café next door, I never imagined he’d become anything more than that. I certainly never thought I’d find myself in the situation I’m in with him. But something about him draws me in with every breath, and I can’t turn away.

Jake – The first time I saw the girl with the big green eyes hugging a puppy in her arms in the shop next door, I knew there was something there, something I couldn’t walk away from. I don’t know how I went from bringing and learning her favorite latte to this, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

It looks like Abby hit the jackpot with her new beau. Jake is everything she could hope for in a guy – sweet, charming, and always there when she needs him.

Everything was going well – business was booming (it was the first anniversary of Paws and Claws), and love life was even better. But an unexpected turn of events will put their relationship to the test and leave Abby questioning her decision to put her heart into Jake’s hands.

Afraid of what the future may hold (both in her relationships and with her business), Abby turns to her sisters. Will they be willing to help her in her most challenging moments, or will they backstab her? Is Jake going to prove that he is worthy enough to keep Abby’s heart?

Prepare yourself because the drama is going to unfold. Feel the passion and immerse yourself in the romance story. Follow as the events unravel, and find out what happens with Abby and Jake in the 2nd installment of the Saved by Love book series.

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