Days of Elijah: A True Story. By the Grace of God

In this riveting real-life account, Eliza Earsman shares all about Freemasonry’s documented connections to corrupt politics and harrowing world events. Days of Elijah exposes some of the darkest secrets the Freemasons have attempted to hide, including such intriguing facts as: …

Days of Elijah: A True Story is a war document. Details were lodged in 2005 with Institute of War Documentation in Holland.

It is incredibly important for people internationally to know about Freemasonry, and what can happen if you cross them—as well as how far the Masonic tentacles reach.

Compelling and intriguing. The family history is interesting and well written without being maudlin or overly sentimental.

Presented in a readable and accessible style, featuring uncomfortable Masonic truths. The author has a great grasp of language and a humorous turn of phrase—and it helps that she has had a police background.

With an upfront honesty and straightforward style of communicating—Earsman pulls back the lens, giving the reader an overview of how the nature of the various relationships fosters corruption. She has a vivid knack for description.

Overall this is a tight and well written book, well-constructed and engaging.