Adventures of Klaus, The Happy Schnauzer : Animal Books for Toddlers and Dog People – Grab your leash and let’s explore!

Ever wonder about the daily adventures of a fun-loving dog? Meet Klaus, a sweet and playful Schnauzer, who spends his days trying to catch the silly neighborhood squirrel and doing tricks for his favorite treats. He grabs his leash and is off to explore around the neighborhood with his owner, Terry. Out on their walk, the two set off to the park for a game of fetch, playtime with other dog friends, and then a game of hide and seek. At the end of a busy day, Klaus is ready for sleep. And like most busy dogs, he falls fast asleep so he’s ready for more adventures the next day.

Be like Klaus – play at the park, chase balls, and be a best friend. From my heart, written with my magical pen, your adventure awaits – go explore! It begins when you turn the page.