The Royal Rescue (Disaster City Search and Rescue Book 12)

Princess Bridget Inger was on a royal visit to the children’s hospital in North Texas. The newest groundbreaking procedure is fascinating and the publicity visit shows her country’s full support of the medical breakthrough. She loves children, but when a terrorist takes control of the hospital floor to reach her… they are playing a dangerous game with her loyalty, her money, and her heart!

Abel Wright thought the team at Disaster City Search and Rescue was pulling his leg! Terrorists had taken the crown princess hostage, and the hospital was in danger of being blown up. His assignment was to go undercover, rescue the princess, and save the day. This wasn’t a typical Friday night — it sounded like the theme to a video game.

Could rescuing the princess earn him some mana, a box of loot, some experience points, or perhaps the best prize ever…her heart?

Step into the world of Disaster City Search and Rescue, where officers, firefighters, military, and medics, train and work alongside each other with the dogs they love, to do the most dangerous job of all — help lost and injured victims find their way home.