Ravaged Hearts

Will they let a misunderstanding ruin the love that they have built?

Emily has made up her mind. Despite the lure of the safe and comfortable that he ex, Hunter, provides, she has chosen Max; the sexy and daring CEO. She’s excited to tell him she’s finally ready to commit to him, but why is he suddenly ignoring her texts. Emily is taking from floating on cloud nine to a brutal landing when Max mysteriously cuts off all communication with her,’

Meanwhile, Max thinks that Emily has chosen Hunter over him, due to a fraction of their conversation that he overhears. In a bid to protect his heart, he shits her out before she can break it herself. Now, he is left with the reality that he was not good enough for her and he finds out that heartbreak might be the hardest thing he ever has gone through.

With Emily on her way to France for a once in a lifetime opportunity and Max terrified of having her break his heart in person, will they ever be able to reconnect or will their broken hearts leave them on different sides of the world?