The Wonder of Fiber

This book is a fun, clever, and informative way to help children learn about fiber. It can be a book that is suitable for children age 6 – 11; it can also be used by teachers who have to engage children in learning about fiber and nutrition.

It tells the story of twins (Soluble and Insoluble) that feel they have more to offer than the other. These twins feel that they have to compete with one another to prove their worth and what makes them more important. Throughout the story they find out how great their differences make them, but also how those differences work better when they’re together. Ma Fiber helps her sons to see that neither one is greater than the other; they help to provide different benefits to the body that are equally beneficial.

Intertwined into this story is also the theme of sibling rivalry, children can also learn the lesson as to why they should not be combative with their siblings. This story can teach children to be proud of who they are without feeling the need to compete or be better than another person. It shows how individual strengths can further build up a collective goal.