Conflicting Passions (Alpha Male Book 2)

Emily’s past comes crashing into her now in the form of her runaway ex-boyfriend, Hunter.

Just when Max and Emily seem to be going on the right path, their relationship is halted in its path by a ghost from Emily’s past. Hunter is back and determined to win Emily’s heart again, leaving her with a difficult choice between her first love and the man that she can’t seem to get out of her mind.

If there’s one thing Max is confident in, it’s his ability to get a woman. Keeping a woman’s attention is something he has never had to worry about but, suddenly, he finds himself wondering if he will end up with Emily after all, or if she will go back to the man who is more familiar to her. The safer option.

Stuck between the memories of her past with Hunter and the promise of a future with Max, Emily must make a choice that will leave one man with a broken heart