“AMI” in French means “FRIEND”.
But what is friendship?
How does one explain this strength that unites people and can create bonds stronger than family ties?
Why do some friends remain in our hearts?

Emerson Sah’s AMI tells the story of the lives of two childhood friends from different social classes, Maurice and Pietro, who grew up together in the glamor of the French Riviera.
The destinies of the two friends divert when the wealthy Maurice decides to travel the world and gets lost in his frantic search for the meaning of life.

A book that dives deep into the mysteries of the soul, it causes us to evaluate our beliefs through simple psychology, but also manages to transcend common sense.
This is a beautiful story of forgiveness and love for your neighbor… The real encounter with happiness.

“This is a charming and thought-provoking read that will take readers on an adventure and renew their spirits.”
Joshua Powell (Book critic)