Time Was (The Time Detective Chronicles)

When high school student Pendle Hawkes meets a mysterious man named Rob, his young life changes forever. Rob comes bearing a gift for Pendle. He tells the young man that he may not know it but they are both time travellers. As Rob becomes involved with Pendle and his friends a mystery presents itself which takes them deep into the heart of the justice system where a man’s life hangs in the balance and only they can help. Then, Pendle, still learning to control his newfound ability, accidentally travels to the future, about 130 years, and into a war that could change time itself, past, present, or future. This unique conflict has large corporations targeting young people under the age of 18 and involves a group of teens called ‘We The People’, who are out to stop the corporations at all costs. Pendle must survive the war, but what drew him there in the first place?