Searching for the Eminent: March of the Meek

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SEARCHING FOR THE EMINENT: MARCH OF THE MEEK tells the story of Rekco Curse, a thirteen-year-old boy living a sheltered life in the rural plains just outside of the last inhabited city on the planet—Last Thesi. Far removed is he from the fears of the people who live inside, a fear that the apocalypse looms near and that all life will be washed away in its wake. After the passing of his mother and the mysterious disappearance of his father, Rekco was left in the care of a mercenary named Maven. Could the disappearance of Rekston Curse have some correlation with the decline of civilization? All Rekco knows about his father is that he was a hero who helped secure victory in the greatest battle Last Thesi had ever seen. For that, Rekco has dedicated himself to becoming a hero like his father, in hopes that he will find out what happened to him. His anxiety may often get the best of him, but Rekco still approaches any task with optimism, a kind heart, and relentless determination.

When a strange cabin suddenly appears next door to Rekco’s home amidst a nefarious magical storm, everything for him will change. A twelve-year-old wizard, Kyoku, and his magical mentor, Gofun arrive at their doorstep. Are they friend or foe, and what does their coming have to do with the strange visions that have plagued Rekco’s mind since he encountered the magical storm on the fateful night they appeared?

This coming of age tale not only follows the story of Rekco but also the perspective of various characters; from the unusual student-teacher dynamic between the snide wizard prodigy, Kyoku and the eerily kind-hearted, Gofun; to Cathy Wyman, a traumatized orphan living in the rancid slums of Last Thesi, constantly harassed and bullied by the cruel and jealous head matron of the orphanage, Glenda Gace. The way their stories intertwine could determine the fate of the world itself—or simply push them all closer to the coming apocalypse.