Impoverished Wealth: Damon Maker

Damon Maker is a twenty-something who is the only son of one of the world’s wealthiest families. Tragedy has struck the Maker family in the past, but its riches continued to grow exponentially. On the surface, Damon possesses everything a young man can want. He doesn’t have the burden of driving himself around. He resides in a mansion most people cannot even dream of. He is set to inherit his father’s multibillion-dollar corporation. Despite all of his life’s luxuries, his relationships with most of his family members are severely strained. When Damon discovers what a handful of them are conspiring to do, he goes to extreme lengths to prevent their selfish aspirations from coming to fruition. Taking aim at members of his own family does not cause him to ease up on the repercussions he feels they deserve. In fact, because they are his family members, Damon believes they should face the worst possible punishment for their involvement in a scheme to overthrow everything the Makers built.