The Grim Reaper

Freelance war correspondent, Mike Walker, is uncompromising in his condemnation of the West’s complicity in senseless wars with crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere in the world.
Walker’s reporting attracts unwelcome and potentially dangerous attention from a Private Military and Security Company (PMSC) contracted by governments and multinational corporations operating in high-risk and complex environments; from military industrial complexes dependent on endless conflicts that cause death and destruction; and from intelligence agencies including Britain’s MI5, and Israel’s Mossad.
Though Walker knows he is playing with fire, he refuses to be deterred from reporting on the corruption, the cruelty, and the war crimes occurring globally on a daily basis.
Will Walker and his girlfriend survive intrusive secret service surveillance, vicious vilification, and even physical intimidation?
Or will they be silenced forever?
Find out in this fast-paced, exciting, gripping page-turner of a political thriller.
“A mesmerising masterpiece . . . ”