Remember Grace

Heaven Smith knew what fear, courage, and faith were, because of the hand dealt to her. One fateful night changed her entire future and outlook on life. She never forgot the unexpected kindness shown to her all those years ago, clinging to the hopes that people were decent on the inside. It had taken long enough to extract herself out of a terrible relationship, only to fall for the one person she never expected, Ezra, stationed in Afghanistan with her ex-husband.
Ezra Hopkins was sick of watching loved ones destroy themselves. He’d seen first-hand what alcohol could do to a family, forcing him and his sister to begin again. Now, several years later, he discovers the one person who has haunted his dreams, has been abandoned by a man Ezra despises.
A chance encounter, a secret wish, and a leap of faith bring together two broken people who yearn for something more together in a way they never expected, delivering a second chance at love.