The Phantom Struggle: Memoirs of A Life Once Struggling

During his first year in college, Omar was given a series of assignments by his psychology professor. Initially, he didn’t think much of them, as he felt they were just the professor’s way to correlate the behavioral concepts of the class with the students’ own experiences. However, with each passing assignment, Omar found himself revisiting many of the most significant moments of his life. Whether it was his first or most impactful encounters with domestic violence, love, heartache, or adventure, he recounted them all. This book collects the first of Omar’s writings, recounting his most significant memories that occurred between his childhood and adolescent years. While most people may consider the events that took place early on in his life to be harsh, these events laid the groundwork for the foundation he stands on today. What began as mere assignments has evolved into an insightful experience revealing much to Omar about his life and abilities.