Duel of flames: Strife

The war took everything from him: his home, his way of life, and even his parents. But that was seven years ago. Today is a new day, a new mission on the horizon, and most importantly, new enemies lurking in the shadows. The empire that took him in seven years ago is now turning against him. Having enemies in high places proves to be a deadly adventure. After suffering extensive injuries in the last operation, he had to take seven months off to mend his wounds. Now his enemies believe him to be weakened, some of his own men think him unfit to lead, and there is a traitor amongst his high ranks. In order to reestablish his dominance and authority once more, he undertakes a risky mission where enemies are prowling around, waiting for an opportunity to finish him. Likewise, he must fight one of his own men to prove to others that he is still someone they should follow. And lastly, the traitor must be identified and removed before it is too late.