Growth Hacking Book 2

The Growth Hacking Book book presents 100+ battle-tested growth strategies categorized under the concept of GrowthSet (Acquire the SkillSet + Install the MindSet + Employ the ToolSet).
300 years of collective practical experience from successful startup founders, C-level executives of the unicorn startups, thought leaders from the digital marketing ecosystem, popular influencers and internet celebrities is served on a gold platter for you to read, apply and grow.
Whether you are a student, professional, coach, trainer, business owner or an entrepreneur looking for exponential growth in life and business THE GROWTH HACKING BOOK 2 is for you!
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The arsenal of marketing now encompasses every single weapon and equipment which is quintessential for scalable business growth.
By now, you might have flicked through hundreds of books on marketing.
But your search for the ultimate ‘Bible’ — a book that reveals hacks and secrets of every possible element of marketing — ends here.
This book doesn’t share only growth hacking or only content marketing or only social media marketing secrets.
It brings the ultimate trailblazing secrets and hacks from over 70 elements of marketing at one place — becoming the only reference book you’ll ever need on your working table.
Curated by GrowthMedia.AI team, the book features 100+ unorthodox marketers, leading influencers, spearheads of the business transformation and trendsetting companies from all corners of the earth who share a tried-and-tested blueprint of growing a business from the scratch.
★Social Media Marketing
★Content Writing, Storytelling & Blogging
★SEO & Paid Advertising
★Growth Experiments
★A-to-Z process of building an agency from scratch to a multi-million dollar model
★Graphic Designing
★Mindset, skillset and toolset for business owners, marketers and growth hackers
Static mediocrity or dynamic success – time for YOU to unleash how The Silicon Valley giants make it to the top cards!