A Glitch in Humanity

Sixteen-year-old Imani is a robot on Planet Yabisi, inhabited by reptilian peoples. When Imani’s owner, the leader of Yabisi and high speaker of the Universal Justice Consortium, dies, Imani finds out she herself is much more than a robot, and she must escape Yabisi.
In order to get back to Earth, Imani must prevent the new high speaker, a reptilian named Ekon, from demolishing it and turning the rest of her world into brainwashed slaves. After befriending Ekon’s sister Bahati, she and Bahati hatch a plan to escape and save Earth. Along the way, the two find strange but enduring human-reptilian love.
Still, Ekon has a deadly fleet of spacecraft and an assortment of powerful leaders on his side hunting Imani and her newfound reptilian lover, Bahati. All Imani has is Bahati and the will to survive. With fate seemingly against her, will Imani save her home planet Earth, or will she lose everything and everyone she knows along the way?