The Last Seed: Back to the Garden

R. Hartley Hammond’s second book grabs your hand and takes you on a wild ride through a journey of unpredictable events; Near Death Experience (NDE) – Coma, Divorce, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Substance Abuse and a dream lost in Hollywood should have buried him long ago! – From Maui, Hawaii, Rich Hammond created and executive produced a Reality Television concept and pilot teaser titled “Early Bird Special” with McCartney Multimedia in 2009 and self published his first book in 2012 titled “Uncomfortably Numb” through iUniverse. Influenced by Erik Bork, Blake Snyder, Christopher Vogler, Jen Grisanti, Joseph Campbell, avid reader of ancient texts and has worked with several shamans and other healers. The last several years of his life have been spent in the wilds of the Santa Barbara, California mountains and jungles of the Hawaiian Islands. This solitude and reconnecting with Mother Earth has provided healing, clarity and truth to this modern day hero as he continues along the path through life’s magical labyrinth, a road less travelled. “Marvelous Maynard” the Magician, Sage, Vaudeville entertainer, English father and “Dorothy” the Azorean, angelic guide and mother of this aspiring Indie filmmaker, are guiding light and inspiration. A portion of the proceeds benefits the battle against Alzheimer’s. Please pass and share… With much Aloha!