Lockdown: A story about child and sex trafficking, totalitarianism, NWO, WHO, and crazy conspiracies.

The world suffers a new pandemic with no cure. Panic is everywhere, and chaos is prevalent in more than 180 countries all over the world. Is this a disease that finally destroys humanity? Or is there a hidden agenda? Every generation loses some of its freedom. Our grandparents were more free than our parents. Our parents were more free than we are. We are more free than our children will be. And so on, and so on…Some of us will not see the jail that was and will be built tighter by every generation, until we can no longer see daylight through the bars of our jail cell.Step into the surreal world that surrounds us every day. After World War II, the world said ‘never again’. Well, guess what? It is happening again. And it will continue to happen until we free ourselves from the yoke of government oppression.