Hayden and the coded coat: Darkness Descends

Millions and millions of years ago when the big bang happened in the universe, and the Earth was created. People believed that it was an act of evil that made Adam eat the apple, it wasn’t something went wrong that day, as you see all good and bad thoughts came from two rooms in a far away galaxy. One room was covered by a blue cloth and one room was covered by a black cloth, both were controlled by special codes. And with help from other creatures in the galaxy the good room could control human thoughts. That was until a huge war started with a creature called Griller turning bad, forcing the galaxies gods to banish all the creatures and the cloths to Earth, never to be found. That was until one day thousands of years later and Hayden and his dad discover the good cloth and its contents hidden in a mountains cave. The good cloth turns into a coat with a code that has superpowers, Hayden becomes a superhero overnight being named coded boy. But behind the good that was also in the mountain was the bad black cloth, and a creature called Quahcain that is looking for it. Quahcain wants to find the answers and bring Griller back, that will bring darkness to the world.