The Virtual Entity

If You’re Looking for a Riveting Paranormal Novel with Malevolent Ghosts Jumping Out of Every Page, then “The Virtual Entity” by Prolific Writer Richard Street is for You!
For David and Danielle, moving to the quaint town of Bakewell, United Kingdom is the fresh start they’ve always wanted.
The countryside seems like the perfect place to break free from the hustle and bustle of the city. Quaint shops and pubs with unbeatable offerings line the streets. Locals live a simple, carefree life. For the young couple, Bakewell is a dream come true.
They bought an old Victorian home for a steal and they have enough money to make it their own. Finally, they have a place they can call home and raise a family in.
Little do they know that this new, seemingly perfect country life will be short-lived. Their Bakewell home would soon be filled with malevolent secrets waiting to be discovered.
It starts with mysterious shufflings coming from different parts of their new home. Slowly but surely, the horrors the house contained are coming to light.
A spiteful entity lurks in the shadows. And David and Danielle are in for one rude awakening.
Will they survive the terrors that await them?
Find out for yourself in “The Virtual Entity” by prolific writer Richard Street!
Throughout this titillating story, you will:
Immerse yourself in a paranormal thriller that will leave you gasping for breath and wanting more
Live out the horrors that our protagonists experience as you flip from one page to another
Lose yourself in Richard Street’s masterful storytelling and drive your imagination into overdrive
And so much more!
“The Virtual Entity” is a horror story like no other. With massive twists and turns, every reader would surely find their hunger for the paranormal satisfied.