Writing Research Papers in Computer Science

This book supports in conducting research and writing papers in the field of computer science.
The book is recommended for people at different stages of their scientific career: for those who just started looking for their research field, for Ph.D. candidates, but also for the advanced scientists willing to improve the quality of their manuscripts. Independent of whether you have just started up research in computer science or you are revising your paper after receiving reviewers’ comments, this book is just for you. The acceptance of your paper for publication is the ultimate goal of this book.
Posing the right problem is merely the initial step of any research. This book does not leave you after that, it assists you all along the way from stating the problem to inventing its effective solution. Furthermore, it explains what properties the targeted solution should have. This way, the book supports you in developing the contribution of your paper.
Moreover, the book clarifies how to present that contribution to make it well-received by peer reviewers. It goes through all the parts of a research paper, instructing on how to write them properly. You are supported in crafting a title, writing an abstract, and developing all the other sections of your paper, all of which while providing examples. You can exploit them while turning your research into a published, highly cited paper.
The book also presents and explains the most frequent flaws occurring in papers submitted to computer science journals and conferences. Thus, after reading this material, you will know upfront the traps you might fall in. By taking them into account, you will substantially reduce objections that might be raised by the reviewers of your paper.
In its final part, the book presents the submission process, explaining how to write a cover letter, complain about belated reviewing processes, or respond to the reviewers’ comments.
The book is written by an experienced, currently active computer scientist, reviewer, editorial board member, and associate editor of renowned computer science journals. This assures that you’ll get credible advice from this book.
This book is not a read-once material as it contains comprehensive information which is intended to be used for years, at any stage of elaborating or revising scientific manuscripts. You can treat the effort put into reading and analyzing this book as a long-term investment in your scientific career.
Each time you buy a new book, you take a risk because you don’t know the content of the book. You don’t know whether it will satisfy your needs. I would like to tell you one thing: I wish I had such a book many years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time, work, and frustration.
Get up to writing your research papers. Get your papers accepted for publication. This book will support you in this endeavor.