THE MOVE TOWARDS SELF-ACTUALIZATION: It is time to remove the mask and show up as your authentic self

The inevitable act of death should propel us to not only desire to live a fulfilled life but to also do whatever it takes to achieve that accomplishment. COVID-19 brought with it the fear of death that caused many of us to realise that we don’t want to die because we have yet to live. Therefore, our next move is imperative. Life is requiring more from us. The time to be in alignment with who we truly are is NOW. The essence of our freedom lies in the expression of who we truly are and not in the conception of what our ideal self should be. We are here to serve a cause greater than ourselves. It is time we bring our authentic self to the table. It is time we unveil our gifts, talents and abilities. The ideal self must be eliminated and space made available for the authentic self to manifest. It is time we unplug ourselves from external forces that are contradicting our truth and live a life from within. It is time we align ourselves with our inner being and cultivate it for the sake of experiencing our highest level of fulfilment. In that state of manifestation, we will find the ultimate fulfilment and give to the world our highest level of contribution