Unraveled, Time to Tell

“Unraveled, Time to Tell” by Lisa Lynn is a memoir about a little girl’s life whose mother was murdered when she was nine. It tells how that one tragic event along with the abandonment and abuse that followed molded the rest of her life and how the tragic story was kept secret from her children and community during the first twenty years of her marriage. It also tells the effects of her childhood story when she finally tells the secrets through this book to her now grown children and friends. The true story uses the girl’s life and difficult situations to show how God was active through it all. With verses and examples from the Bible, a life of secrets, survival, and tragedy, lead way to God’s truth. We all have a story and this is the story of one girl. “Unraveled, Time to Tell” is a story of encouragement for everyone. No matter what you go through, you are not alone.