11/11: Retribution

This story opens with a dramatic and deadly encounter between NYPD Counter-Terror Transit Police and a Jihadi Suicide Attacker in a busy and crowded subway station. In 11/11, we experience a dramatic, multi-pronged Terrorist Attack on New York City. We live through a devastating day of bombings, death and destruction, as well as survival of this horrid episode. We experience the terror from the perspective of Emergency Responders and the Emergency Service Systems where they work. A principal theme of the story is the lure of alienated Western young men to Suicidal Terrorism. James Waters is a disaffected, angry young man beset by confusion and resentment. His Mother Carol, a prematurely widowed, single-mom, consistently labored to ease James’ discomfort. The challenges of that relationship becomes a core element the story. Can a Mother’s Love overcome relentless indoctrination instilled in her son by Jihadi Terrorists? Will James sacrifice his Jihadist Suicide Mission in deference to his genuine affection for his mother? Their dramatic encounter in New York City’s Grand Central Station provides for thrilling drama. We experience the grueling drama through the eyes and minds of plotters, attackers , victims, survivors, and their families. 11/11, the day of infamy for many Middle Eastern citizens as the victorious Western Allies commemorated their successful conclusion of ‘The Great War’, and proceed to divide Arabian territories as they see fit. The complete exclusion of those living in these areas, their total disenfranchisement, and subsequent reaction is a central theme of this novel. 11/11 narrates an entirely comprehensive story of Modern Terror which tells this compelling tale from all angles.