Spring Training A Sports Romance: The Prequel of Ballers & Curves

Being the coach’s daughter has its perks.
But as much as I’d love to climb that mountain of a man,
I’ve got a man of my own to think about…

Every spring, Gabby Younglove eagerly watches the newest baseball hotshots vie for a place on the Louisville Mammoths in pre-selection training – but she’s never seen a player as hot as Joshua Jackson.

That chiseled jawline, the muscular physique, the effortless, powerful pitching…it’s not long before Gabby finds herself imagining sweaty bedroom entanglements with her hunky athlete crush.

But Joshua’s been in turmoil ever since he walked in on his teammate (and best friend) Aaron Hamilton in bed with the love of Joshua’s life. Now fighting to piece together a new future with his baseball career, he can’t help noticing gorgeous Gabby on the sidelines.

But making a move on the coach’s daughter would mean jeopardizing any chance Joshua has of becoming a Louisville Mammoth.

Besides, Gabby has her own obligations – she’s engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Mark, and despite their problems, they’ve both said they’re going to make it work.

Will the irresistible pull between Joshua and Gabby prove too difficult to ignore?