Hacker’s Remorse

Say Hello To The Dark Web…
Be Scared What Says Hello Back.
Ryker Anderson is a Hacker for the U.S. Government with a damning secret: he moonlights as an information broker on the Dark Web, the enigmatic corner of the internet where one can purchase drugs, assassination contracts, partake in torture shows, and even dance with the Devil for a bargain.
A transplant to Los Angeles, California, his social anxiety and loneliness inevitably pressures him to seek companionship, and finds such, in the form of sun-golden-colored eyes that have set their sights on him.
But Ryker soon realizes: even gold eyes can have dark hearts, and dark hearts, often come from enigmatic corners. And what comes from enigmatic corners, often does not come alone.
Fans of the hit TV Series Mr. Robot will find themselves at home with Hacker’s Remorse.