Caught up in the life shantell secret

SHANTEL thinks her secrets are safe now that DELOSO is in federal custody and facing a long sentence, but the arms of the unforgiving crime boss are long. When Deloso sends his goons after those whose betrayal just might lead them to take the witness stand against him, the body count grows at a frightening rate.
With many of their witness lying in the morgue, the Fed’s are quickly running out of options in securing a conviction against Deloso. Their ace in the hole is Shantel, and they’ll do whatever it takes to force her into testifying against her former cohort. Will Shantel snitch Deloso out and risk his deadly vengeance? Or will she stick to the street code of silence and put everything at risk, including KEITH’S love and possibly the lives of everyone in her family?
The price Shantel must pay for getting CAUGHT UP IN THE LIFE is monstrous.