A Revolution Is Coming: A tale of light

Human history started with writings on the walls of caves and has evolved since to encompass writing on animal skin to paper and now we are here publishing e-books. While humanity as a whole has made a great leap forward, it is often at the expense of the society.
The next revolution is now under way and are we prepared for it? The industrial and Internet revolutions have created so many disruptions and destroyed so many of our values, environment and culture. While there are benefits, how can the common person be prepared for it. Often times, all the disruptions fall on us like an avalanche and we feel powerless at the grandeur of things.
How do we prepare our kids when we ourselves are not ready to face the full force of a revolution? How do we prepare ourselves? Can I dodge the effects of a revolution? Maybe it is true a revolution is coming or maybe not? Should I waste time preparing myself for something that might not even come? The questions soon feel overwhelming and our mind has only one thing that it will do. It will shut itself up in order to prevent us from going through the trauma of not knowing or taking unnecessary risks.
But eventually we will have to face the truth when we will have our own kids. We either do the same things that our parents did to us in hope of getting the same result or we take things in action. The latter option is the more sensible option as we already know from the past that teachings changes with time and we have to evolve and adapt to ensure that we understand our kids and dive deep into their new environment, more challenging than ever before.
The new scarcity in town is not food or money or leisure. It is becoming an identity crisis and people are getting it at a younger age with each passing generation. In order to address the issue, we must first delve into our own unconscious behaviours that we think are good but turns out to be detrimental over time. It is always the nice guy or girl who ends up poisoning a relationship. Why? Let us dive into the first chapter of the series for thought provoking thoughts.