An Agent for Madeleine

Madeleine Caruthers has been madly in love with her pastor for over a year, but (despite the fact she is convinced the attraction is mutual) he’s made it clear he’s married to the church and his job. So when her friends in Texas send her a frantic summons, she doesn’t think twice about signing on as a Pinkerton agent to assist them in their quest to bring a dangerous cattle rustling gang to justice. As far as she’s concerned, women can marry their jobs, too.

Pastor Josh Michaelson hates the fact that he’s not in the position to court the lovely Madeleine, but he can’t stand the thought of dragging her into the dangers of his life as an undercover Pinkerton agent. When she suddenly departs for Texas, he prays she will find someone out west who will love her and cherish her the way she deserves. He doesn’t expect to get called to work a case in Texas, himself, nor does he (not even in his wildest dreams) expect to be asked to join hands in temporary matrimony upon his arrival — with none other than the woman of his dreams!