The Oil Tycoon Rescue: A K-9 Handler Romance

Claudia Jenkins wasn’t about to let anyone tell her what to do! When fire threatens the safety of her team, she knows the right thing is to evacuate the oil platform until a gorgeous rescuer tries to bully her. This is her rig, her money, and her dominion – so who does Tobin Randall think he is by telling her to abandon it?
Tobin has never met anyone so stubborn in his life! The enchanting blonde with a smear of oil on her cheek is adorable in her hardhat; but when she opens that beautiful mouth, it’s like arguing with any of the ‘boys’. She’s tough, smart, and irritating – until he sweeps her up into his arms.
When temperatures flare, can Claudia get past her initial reactions to Tobin? He has no intention of leaving her emotionally and financially compromised once he sets his sights on the Roughneck woman who sets fire to his heart.