550AU Buried in Stone

For Japan’s next astronaut, the path to the stars begins underground.
There’s a place on Earth so isolated and hostile—so alien—it’s used to test and train astronauts for other worlds.
It’s where the mind fills in for the eyes; where cracks in the crew will be exposed.
Taiyo Yamazaki is determined to become Japan’s next astronaut and redefine what it means to be “real” Japanese.
For the final round of selection, Taiyo is in the Australian tropics for a cave excursion. When disaster strikes, the international team is sealed in, the excursion turns into a trial against nature’s whims, against each other, and against a creature of opportunity.
Taiyo will need his training, science, and the raw human instinct to survive. Because Earth is a hostile world.
Step into the void … Get it now.