Why Inch Got a Foot

If all you know is what you view, come see the world in Inch’s shoe! “Inch spent the day meeting new creatures, the strangest of which were her best teachers. For strange becomes less as we all see more. That’s when we’ll rise together and soar.” When this curious inch worm –who knows deep down she is meant to soar — is constantly “told by the eldest Inch few, ‘what you need to know, you already do,” she decides to spend her time eating leaves and dreaming about the life-changing adventure for which she believes she is destined. When a tennis shoe comes out of no where and gets stuck in the mud, Inch believes this could be the moment she’s been waiting for her entire life. “By goody! What’s this? Oh, My! YIPPPEE! Hang on, Mr. Shoe, I’ll help you get free!'” Unable to help the shoe, Inch tries one more thing: “With all hands on deck, Inch grabbed the shoe lace, but mud lost its grip, and they flew into space!” Not having a clue as to where she was going, Inch keeps reminding herself, “As Gramps used to say, Hey, Fear, take a seat, Unknown becomes known as soon as you meet! If every inch ahead is brand new, why take just one if I can take two?” Would this be the life-changing, answer-seeking adventure during which Inch discovered wonderful new things to see and love? Or would she soon realize it was better to just stick to believing what was right in front of her and not question the unknown?

With Roecker’s signature whimsical, sing-song rhyming verse and colorful, engaging illustrations, “Inch” is a heart-warming tale of having the courage to see the world in someone else’s shoe. “They are calling him ‘the next Mr. Rogers! Ron Roecker’s inspirational new books are exactly what we all need right now,” Emmy-winner/NY Times Best-Selling Author Leeza Gibbons. Filled with amazing adventures, humor and poignant insights about new experiences, acceptance, love and friendship for the entire family, “Why Inch Got a Foot: Book 2” is the highly anticipated follow-up to Roecker’s wildly popular debut “Why Ball Wouldn’t Bounce: Book 1.