The Sushi Prophecies

Full of deceit and betrayal, dark humour, adventure, and mystery, The Sushi Prophecies is an epic new urban fantasy humour novel that we know will tickle you.
Vancouver has become a disturbed, retched mess of murderous blue-bloods and lost hipster gardeners, sadistic baristas and immortal sushi masters. A drug-fed breeding ground of scoundrels set in an orgy of late-night tapa bars, yoga classes and sunset booze cruises.
Tribes have descended upon Lotusland, and at the center lies a hero and a hostage. Sebastian, an idle artist barely escapes crippling social anxieties by managing a posh urban gardening center and its group of varied misfits. He awakens one morning to a new world where all around him the preternatural and fantastic have crept through his city…and his mind.
Battle lines are drawn as mediocre villains and awkward heroes climb up into a dumpster fire of ancient morality and inventive revenge. At the center of it all lies The Plant, a mysterious tropical succulent that destroys minds, or fixes them, depending on where your morals lie. Thrust into leadership, Sebastian and his weirdos have six days to unwrap a messy family conspiracy before the city is lost and dread overtakes the entire west coast.