Remember Dreams

Marigold Riley always enjoyed spinning negative events into something positive, no matter how bad things got. She’s chipper, upbeat, outgoing, savoring every moment as a chance to grow and thrive, just like her floral shop. She was envious of the love she saw her friends shared, realizing that she would need to pursue her own chances for love by writing the mysterious Ben Watson.
Ben Watson was a no-nonsense guy with little tolerance for drama… just like his dog, Paladin. He’s driven, hardworking, and well respected by his peers for his clinical analysis of a bad situation. When Ben receives an unexpected care package from Marigold, he’s intrigued and inexplicably drawn to her radiant personality.
Will Ben’s brooding personality dim the effervescent light in Marigold’s soul? Could two opposites have a chance – even miles apart? Perhaps loving her will guide him down a path to happiness that he’s only dreamed of?