An Agent for Jolene

During her upbringing at the orphanage, Jolene Lilygate made a childhood pact to come to the aid of her two best friends, no questions asked — for life. So when Lorelai Woods urgently summons her to Texas, she packs a bag and boards the next train. She soon finds herself serving as a detective-in-training with a seasoned Pinkerton agent requesting her hand in marriage, but only for the duration of their current investigation.
Agent Edgar Barella jumps at the chance to sink his teeth into helping track down a dangerous cattle rustling gang. He’s never been able to resist a challenge, though being ordered to marry the stunning Jolene was never part of his plan. Insisting their marriage will be in name only, he does everything he can to prove he is not husband material so she doesn’t become too attached to him during the case. He never expected his growing feelings for her to become such a complication!