Case Closed

After getting her heart broken by her cheating ex, Cami was determined not to let herself fall again and thought she had found the perfect rebound guy. He’s smart, successful and drop-dead gorgeous. The fact that he can make her toes curl with just his kiss is not terrible either. But when she finds out he’s suing her, she’s forced to face her feelings. Is he really just a fling or did she slip and let herself fall again?

Caleb hadn’t gotten close to anyone after his mom died and his ex flaked out when he needed her most. But, he was drawn to Cami from the moment he saw her on the dance floor. Her smile, her body, the way she moved, the feel of her kiss. The more time he spent with her, the more he couldn’t stay away. That is until he’s given a case that would mean choosing between Cami or helping a woman who almost died from the same disease that took his mom.

What will win… love or the law?

no cliffhangers