Self-Healing with Yoga, Dowsing, Reiki and Magick.: Boost your immunity and health with ancient practices.

This book is a selection of practices that will improve your capacity for self-healing.
You will learn how to detect the state of your chakras with dowsing and how to make them self-heal.
You will learn how to detect pathological energy lines of the planet and see if they are not crossing your room with precision.
You will learn how to activate and balance your chakras with mudras and asanas, which are the positions of yoga, combined with mantras and crystals.
You will learn which yoga asanas and mudras are great to increase the vital energy in your body.
You will learn a kind of dowsing magick that can turn ineffective magick or curses sent after you.
You will learn the basics of Reiki to apply in your self-healing.
You will learn how to petition to spiritual entities like angels and other spirits for healing, and you will learn how to get answers from them using a pendulum.