Niatheo’s Envoy

Atticus, the newly promoted captain of the starship Lunov, embarks on his first mission: escorting the Princess Nariel of Niatheo on a diplomatic envoy to the warring planet of Valmyke, where they hope to sign a peace treaty, and thereby secure her planet a seat on the Coalition Universalis.

Atticus is immediately taken with Nariel’s beauty, but their fiery personalities make for a rocky start. Looking for a night away from her royal duties, and despite being constantly watched by her overbearing chaperone, Councillor Sade, Nariel slips away in the middle of the night to visit Atticus. His willingness to entertain her despite the risk to himself wins Nariel over, and the two give into their physical attraction.

On cloud nine after their night together, Atticus wakes up to the horrific news that Princess Nariel was kidnapped early in the morning. With one of their own fighter pods missing, appearing on the radar to be in the company of a Valmyke pod, it becomes clear where the princess has been taken. Captain Atticus defies protocol and chases after her himself, engaging in a highly risky rescue mission.