The Lost Son

A Magic Coin. A Hidden World. An Incredible Adventure.
When Henry Simmons unearths a coin with mysterious powers, it’s clear that his life is soon to change . . . but not how he expects. After using the charm to woo Tracey Maxwell, Henry finds himself launched to another dimension—a world in which the human race is mercilessly hunted down by creatures called Sadarkians. This hellish realm, Zargothia, could scarcely be less safe.
Transported together, Henry and Tracey meet two mysterious strangers and a garrulous cat. Pressing forward, they learn that they’ve been charged with saving the people of Zargothia, but freeing King Argoth along with his people means facing ruthless overlords and almost certain death.
Vastly outnumbered, can Henry and his fated friends surmount the odds? In such a realm of wicked magic, danger lurks at every turn . . . and nothing is what it seems.
“This young adult adventure was written by Ireland’s own Aidan Lucid, and let me tell you, he is going to be one of the shining stars in the literary world. From the first chapter, this story has it all…the battles were all in the epic style of true medieval warfare. Every sword clash was visually detailed with pinpoint accuracy. Lucid’s narrative is to the point, clear, and easy to read. His characters are exactly as you expect them to be, adventurous, larger than life, but still beyond the realm of reality. The scenes are detailed to a tee. Also, I felt the presence of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis in this story. But this story here was all Aidan Lucid; a credit to his skills as a storyteller. I can’t wait to read the next epic tale from the creative mind of Aidan Lucid.”
– Randy Belaire, author of, “The Reckoning: Chronicles of the Shadow Chaser”.